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On my last night in Africa I played my trip back in my head. I had seen so much. I had been through so much. Perhaps 3 years had been too long to be away from home?

But the memories I have amalgamated will stick with me forever; the waiter in Kurdistan who changed my outlook on life; the Ethiopian family who took me in for 4 days despite my insistence to check into a hotel (because of the bedbugs eating me every night); the deaf German who had taught himself to lip-read English. And these are only a few of the examples that come to mind.

The world is full of amazing people full of heroism and high ideals. They are a virtue to what goodness there is everywhere. Yet despite this there is still so much enmity in the world.

Since arriving back in the UK I have wondered whether it would be better for me to have remained ignorant to what was really going on abroad. I wish it could have been so simple. Yet the trip was a great teacher and I would recommend a visit to a 3rd world country to everyone and to put on hold yet another status quo beach holiday.

For all of those who emailed me and helped me out along the way here's a big thank to you. I would have been bored as hell at times, especially during the last few months. And a big thank you to all those people I met on the trip - you know who you be.

Awrite, that's it. The big group emails are now over. Hope everyone is doing great whatever you're up to.

Take it easy


Favourite country: Eritrea and Kurdistan
Worst country: Djibouti
Most beautiful country: All of them were beautiful, but if I had to choose Jordan and Ethiopia.
Nicest food: Baked beans, meat and rice (Kurdistan), Phool (Sudan), Injera (Ethiopia)
Most dangerous: North Lebanon (for anyone who isn't white) and South Africa
Nicest people: Everywhere...except Djibouti.
Can't think of anymore