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Me Upside-down

Me A fish

Me again More fish

Fish sleeping inside coral Foot of Mount Sinai - Brian and I

Harmonica playing on Sinai Brian at sunrise on Sinai

Sunrise on Mount Sinai Brian

Dahab Dahab

Cairo Dahab

St. Katherine's Monastery Brian and Mohammed

The Boys Mustafa and I

Mustafa and Brian  Brian and Mohammed

Brian and the local kids - Dahab Stevo and I

Suzi and I Night out-Dahab

Notts boys+Irish+Ozzie Rache+I

Brian and I Valley of the Kings-Luxor

70s Pop Band Brian

Taxi driver's house Taxi driver's family

Felucca Ride Felucca

Felucca Me on felucca

Me and Stevo Sunset on the Nile

Felucca Felucca

Felucca Felucca

Felucca Cairo - The Ghetto

Cairo - The Ghetto Cairo

Rui Me dancing with a bunch of school kids outside a mosque in Cairo

Cairo Cairo

Brian killing mosquitoes with deo plus lighter The big lion thing

Pyramids CLimbing the pyramids before being told to get down

Inside a tomb Me


Bedouin playing the harmomica whilst Brian dances

Walking like an Egyptian

The crazy room!

The foot of Sinai

Half way up Sinai

The summit of Sinai