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Woman praying at Lalibella

Hyena Feeding The Hyena Man

Tribal Girl Boy in Sugar Cane Fields at Harar

Blue Nile Gorge Lake Tana Monasteries

Village on Kulubi Gabirel Pilgrimage Kulubi Gabriel Pilgrimage

Rift Valley Lakes Washerwoman: Rift Valley Lake

Not a Happy Hotel Lake Tana Monastery

Source of the Blue Nile Blue Nile

Blue Nile Falls Cars in the flooding Nile

A farmer boy playing my harmonica Priests at Lalibella

Me dancing with a little dude Woman cooking the Ethiopian staple, injera

St. George - Lalibella St. George -Lalibella

Pilgrims at Christmas Lalibella

Lalibella Saint Abs

Jesus the England fan Lalibella

Me in a