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Lesotho, justifiably referenced as the Kingdom in the Sky, was an ample place to escape from the rigours (and dangers) of life in South Africa for a week. My first stop was an Anglican Church in the capital, the cheapest bed in town. Then it hit me. This being an Anglican Church dominated country and all, did the local Lesothians follow the Queen? Was she their guide on earth? I was too scared to ask anyone for fear of being dismembered.

I hung around the high-altitude capital for a few days, frozen solid as winter finally crept up on me for the first time in over a year. I made one day trip to the countryside where I came across a shop that allowed me to attempt to spin a yarn. With the fun stuff over I headed to the other side of the country, to the tiny village of Molumong. There was nothing to do here other than take in the intrinsic beauty of the countryside and observe from a distance the dogs with rabies. The place I stayed at had no electricity so in the evening myself and the 3 other backpackers staying there did all our cooking by candlelight and huddled by the homely fireplace. This is big up on my recommendations of things to do in Southern Africa, though the ambiance of the place will be ruined soon when electricity finally reaches this village.

I managed to hitch a ride on one of the rarely seen vehicles that passed by the village every day and was dropped off at the Sani Pass, the high ridge at the foot of the Drakensburg Mountain Range which separated Lesotho and South Africa. I stopped for a drink at the highest bar in Africa, hooked up with another traveller and then walked 2 hours down the Sani Gorge Pass to the border post and, after almost a year of travelling, into my final country.