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My time in Malawi was short-lived. I spent one day in Lilongwe, the capital, before moving onto Nkhata Bay on Lake Malawi for a bit of R 'n' R.

The lake itself was beautiful. To pass the time I went scuba diving, cliff jumping (20m) and snorkelling on private secluded beaches. I also developed a taste for beer.

My 5 days of relaxation in Malawi ended with a 24 hour boat trip across the lake to Mozambique. Having been told that the Mozambican immigration officer may or may not give me a visa at the border "depending on how he was feeling that day" (as quoted by the Mozambique Embassy in Malawi) I had arranged my paperwork ahead of time and so simply dozed off to sleep on the uncomfortable hard-wooden deck, the cloudless, starry sky the only thing to keep me company as I journeyed to my next country.