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Sunset in Halfa Abu Hammad

On the train out of Halfa Some guys messing about in Abu Hammad

Some kid riding backwards on a donkey Abu Hammad

Playing Dominos Waiting for the boat by the Nile

Me and some random kid The Al-Hajj Family

The Al-Hajj Family The Al-Hajj Family and Junko

Mr Al-Hajj and Me The Al-Hajj Family

The Fonzi of the area By the Nile

Before Sufi Dancing

The Blue and White Nile come together, as can be seen by the different colours

Pyramids at Meroe Junko giving Brian a head massage

Pyramids at Meroe Pyramids at Meroe

Pyramids at Meroe Sufi Dancing

Sudanese Girl Sufi Dancing

The Nile Hieroglyphs at Meroe

Abu Hammad The Pyramids

Two cool looking guys Playing and waiting

Sufi Dnacing Sunset on the Nile