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A world where people call me sir? A world where there are sit down toilets? A world with toilet paper?

Is this heaven I asked myself?

I lived Uganda in the lap of luxury. My parents came to visit for my birthday (damn those of you who forgot!) and I was treated to nice hotels with swimming pools and meals that had not come straight from the microwave. And the food was good, especially the Chinese restaurant we went to, until I had to hold my head in shame as everyone started singing happy birthday and a small cupcake with a candle came out. I felt like a pleb.

We hired a car for a 2 day safari to Murchison Falls National Park. There was a lot of driving, but it was all worth it, especially the Falls which were a spectacular rush of raw energy as the Nile funneled itself through a 7m wide channel.

After returning from Rwanda to see the gorillas we headed straight to Jinja. My dad decided to hitchike to our hotel, which was an unusual sight for any of you that know my dad, but fair play to him.

Jinja was my relaxing hub. I needed to take it easy and this was a great place to take things easy and go on a gentle stroll to the source of the White Nile. The next day, however, we went white-water rafting, which was crazy fun. My parents joined in too and luckily (though to my disappointment) we only got flipped over once, despite several huge (grade 5) rapids. A great day and cudos to the rents for getting involved.

My parents returned to the UK after their 10 day visit and I stayed on in Kampala to live up my life of luxury, if only for a short while. During this time I got my hair straightened (pictures online) and looked quite cool (comments please.) I also frequented the local casino, which was too much fun. On the 3 occassions I went I ended up staying until at least 2am. It was a sad day when I finally left Uganda for Tanzania, my 20 hour bus ride an indication that I would soon be leading my poor backpacker lifestyle again.